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ASI’s 2013 Power Summit: Rocky Mountain High

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Hi Everyone!

Hope you’re all doing well and reveling in the awesome Fall colors!

Recently, ASI hosted its 7th annual Power Summit, in stunningly picturesque Park City, Utah. Having been to all seven Power Summits, this one was something special… From the amazing panelists and speakers, to the networking activities, to the locale, it was quite the experience. You know, each year, Park City is overrun by A, B and C-list Hollywood celebrities for Robert Redford’s famed Sundance Film Festival. I would dare say that our group had its own fair share of industry luminaries who made an appearance for the event, as you’ll see from the photos and short videos below.

A few notable shout-outs: A big thank you and super-huge kudos to the four distributor contestants — Kaspo Inc.’s Matt Kaspari, Bob Lilly Promotional Products’ Tommy Lewis, Tagsource’s Tonia Allen Gould and P.O.P Solutions’ Nicole McNamee — who agreed to participate in this year’s Marketing Smackdown panel, and to HALO’s SVP of Marketing, Terry McGuire (hoo boy, do I LOVE Terry… Nobody, but nobody, in the industry sends me e-mails that make me LOL like he does…), who moderated the session. These gutsy folks were given a marketing scenario one hour before taking the stage to do a presentation in front of the 200 industry pros in attendance, and then were judged — through text voting — by the audience. They weren’t allowed to rely on help from their home offices, and had to pull a comprehensive promo products-based presentation together, keeping in mind budgets, target audiences and social media add-ons. It is a wildly stressful thing to do, and they all did it with panache, talent and style.

Finally, I always like to give my own personal award at fun industry events to the industry celeb who was the King or Queen of the Party — the one who kept all the wackiness and merriment going. At the Power Summit, I give a special nod to The Fabulous Hersh Boys — Brett and Glen from Admints/Zagabor — who had the party to end all parties in their suite. What I love about them (other than Glen’s heavy Grey Goose pour) is that their graciousness knows no bounds and they are deeply decent guys — they invite clients, colleagues, competitors, everyone to their party, living by the motto, “The more the merrier.” They are just The Best.

More soon and enjoy the photos and videos!



On our first night in Park City, Utah, ASI’s senior vice president and editor-in-chief, Melinda Ligos, bought a “jackalope” — a mythical, furry, woodland creature said to scamper through the rustic mountain terrain — at the gift shop at the fabulous High West Distillery bar & restraint where we had dinner. Because the aforementioned jackalope is tiny with beady little eyes, we naturally named him “Joe Haley.” So, here’s me with Joe the Jackalope… The lovely Jill Stirnkorb, (shown here fifth from left in the back row, in the gray tank shirt) vice president of inside sales for Counselor Top 40 supplier Norwood & BIC Graphic N.A. shared this photo of her mountain biking group. One of the most popular activities we’ve hosted at an ASI event, more than 50 mountain bikers of varying skill levels careened through the mountains of Park City and loved every minute of it.
Here’s me with two guys I’ve been friends with for over 15 years — Jerry McLaughlin, CEO of Branders.com (left) and Michael Bernstein, CEO/chairman of the board of Polyconcept. They were gracious enough to succumb to my haranguing and agree to be speakers at ASI’s Power Summit. Surprising to precisely no one, they both killed it. Meet Sal DeSpirito, executive director of ASI’s distributor marketing efforts and the Charlie to our Angels. Fact: If you find yourself within a five-foot radius of Sal, There Will Be Shots. Consequently, we heart him at ASI. From left: Erica Matus, assistant marketing manager; Ji Kim, executive director of supplier marketing and me, the patron saint of Patron.
Three of my industry favorites (from left): Norwood/BIC’s Dave Saracino, the straw that stirs the industry cocktail (and, for the record, the only man I know who has a drink named after himself — “The Saracino” — widely known in bars seedy and swanky alike across the country); the stunning Lori Bauer, Norwood/BIC’s vice president of national accounts; and David Nicholson, president of Polyconcept North America and this year’s Counselor Person of the Year. Hit Promotional Products’ David Walker (far left) and CJ Schmidt take in an early-season football game in the pub at the Montage Ski Resort, while Shumsky’s Jill Albers looks on.
My favorite gal pal and partner in crime, Jill Albers, director of business development for the Dayton-based distributor Shumsky, and Josh Ebrahemi, top sales rep and partner at Counselor Top 40 distributor Jack Nadel Int’l. Both Jilly and Josh were on my “What Motivates Young Reps” panel, along with SnugZ’s Brittany David and ASI’s Krista Taylor, and they were just the cat’s meow. Oh Lord, it’s Rich Carollo, vice president of sales and marketing at Lion Circle, someone whose cartoon-like facial expressions just CRACK. ME. UP. Love, love, love him…
Jilly Albers and Jake Krolick (“Jakey,” as he’s known back at the home office), ASI’s creative director of marketing. To say Jakey is one of my favorite colleagues is an epic understatement, as he is as supremely talented as he is fun. If you were at the Power Summit and saw his on-stage interview with hipster videographer Devin Graham (whose crazy-cool videos have garnered billions of hits on YouTube), you’d know why. Their session was one of the highest rated in seven years of Power Summit events! Jake, who never met a band jam he didn’t like and will — mark my words — one day end up doing marketing in the music industry, strikes a very rock star pose.
Jim Franklyn, partner and vice president of marketing with the distributor Inkhead Promotions, makes friends with one of the two “house dogs” — Monte — that are allowed to roam around the Montage Resort. Both furry residents are Bernese Mountain Dogs, known for their ability to withstand cold temperatures and for their gentle dispositions. Two traits they do not share with the author of this blog… A moment now, about my beloved Michael Bernstein… Little known fact about me: I loathe, loathe, loathe — to the depths of my soul — public speaking. Seriously. Right before I go on stage, there’s always one moment where I fear I’m going to hurl right on my Jimmy Choos. But no matter where I am, I text Michael before I have to speak in front of a crowd and ask him to talk me off the ledge, which he always does with some heart-felt, tender, reassuring comment that goes something like this: “Stop being a dumbass.” At the Power Summit, the panel discussion I moderated was at 9:00 a.m., and, as Michael’s not a morning person, I didn’t expect him to make it. Yet, he showed up, gave me all the moral support and encouragement I needed, and calmed me down like he’s my own personal Valium. In case I’ve been vague, I just adore him.
Here’s Tonia Allen Gould, owner of the CA-based distributor Tagsource, published children’s author and panelist on this year’s Marketing Smackdown session at the Power Summit, with Ares Logistics’ vice president of sales, David Bronson. Counselor editor Andy Cohen (left), ASI editor-in-chief and SVP Melinda Ligos and Counselor senior editor Dave Vagnoni, with Joe the Jackalope on our first night in Park City, UT.
At the St. Regis resort in Park City, the sommelier staff stages a spectacle every evening that involves select guests being chosen to slice open champagne bottle with a very sharp and shiny saber. From left, here’s ASI’s Sal DeSpirito, vice president of user experience Rob Watson, Melinda Ligos and Jake Krolick familiarizing themselves with the business end of the weapon. Sal, reenacting something Jakey’s wife wants to do each time he brings a band back to their house to crash after playing shows in Philly.
Jake Krolick, getting a tutorial from Pierre, the sommelier at the St. Regis, on how to slice open a bottle of bubbly without losing an appendage. ASI’s supplier sales rep extraordinaire, Krista Taylor, and the omnipresent ASI Power Summit mascot, Joe the Jackalope. For those of you who attended the event, you witnessed Krista’s brilliance on stage as a panelist during my “What Motivates Young Sales Reps” session. As ASI’s Employee of the Year in 2011 and a rep who’s grown her base by 111% in four years, my girl is as whip-smart and talented as she is fun. She is one to watch…
ASI’s president and CEO, Tim Andrews, gamely poses with Joe the Jackalope. Tim’s one-on-one Q&A with Polyconcept chairman of the board Michael Bernstein was one of the highlights of the Power Summit, as evidenced by attendee ratings and comments. ASI supplier sales rep and industry vet Mary Sells, shown here with Melinda Ligos and a furry friend.
One of my oldest, dearest and craziest friends in the industry, Gary Semrow, vice president of American Ad Bag. Gary spends a lot of time in Park City, so he graciously turned myself, ASI’s Erica Matus and Jake Krolick on to this awesome dive bar (All Hail Dive Bars!) called the “No Name Saloon.” It had attitude and sass to spare, and I’m fairly certain Jake and I graffitied our names on the wall… The uber-amazing Erica Matus, ASI’s assistant marketing manager. Such a fabulous personality does she have, and so fun is she that hanging out with her was one of the highlights of the event for me. She is awesome in at least 10 different ways…
Holla! The Pittsburgh Mafia’s in the house! Here’s Polyconcept’s Michael Bernstein and Jeff Brown, with Vantage’s Ira Neaman (“Yoda” to you and I… Knows everything about apparel, he does…), with Jilly Albers. Tommy Lewis, sales exec with Bob Lilly Promotional Products and this year’s winner of the Marketing Smackdown — in which four distributor execs present a marketing campaign that they’re given only one hour to create and the winner is selected by real-time audience text voting — and Ira Neaman.
Sweda’s always-radiant Kellie Claudio and one of my faves, Scott Pearson, who did an outstanding job on the “Domestic Manufacturing vs. Overseas Sourcing” panel at this year’s Power Summit. A special overseas guest, here’s the very charming Adrian Ferrand, owner of BrandInc., one of the largest distributors in the U.K., with Shumsky’s Jill Albers. Upon chatting with Adrian during the first night’s meet-and-greet cocktail party, I knew he was just the type of person I like to spend time with and immediately decided he’d be sitting at my table with my other favorite industry crazies for dinner. He is impressive and wickedly fun in equal measures.
Awww, here’s me and one of the most delightful guys ever, Mr. Jim Hagan, president of Sweda. You, Young Man, always make me smile… Separated at birth? Andy Cohen and the gift that keeps giving, Mitch Mounger, owner of the Seattle-based distributor Sunrise Identity. Take my advice: Don’t even consider having an industry party without Mitch being there…
Inkhead’s Jim Franklyn and Branders.com’s Jerry McLaughlin, who did such an amazing job on their panel, “The Fastest Growing Sales Channel: Will E-Commerce Overtake Traditional Promo Sales?” (From left): Sunrise Identity’s COO, Mark Lynch; Michael Legel (love, love, love!) and Trevor Colley, Logomark’s new CFO. Henceforth, we will all be referring to him as “the quieter Trevor.” ; )
This photo — courtesy of David Bronson, vice president of Ares Logistics and industry vet — shows jaw-dropping views of the Montage Resort property where the 2013 ASI Power Summit was held.
Rich Fairfield, ASI’s chief revenue officer and publisher, attempts the time-honored tradition of slicing open a champagne bottle with a sword, under the watchful eye of the insanely suave and tres French sommelier at the St. Regis in Park City. He did great, but we initially all took about 10 steps back when Rich wielded the sword… Click here to see PromoShop’s Kris Robinson (“K-Rob” to his nearest and dearest) belt out “Rocky Mountain High” — which is funny on a multitude of levels — during the Great American Cocktail Race at ASI’s Power Summit in Park City, Utah.
Click here to see me interviewing Michael Bernstein, Polyconcept’s chairman of the board and my beloved BFF, who had just finished a 30 minute, one-on-one Q&A with Tim Andrews. Watch til the end of the 90 second video, when I giggle like a silly Tween…