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Football, Vampires & Excessive Eating: Hello, September!

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Hello there.

I’m Jess, and I work in the Production Department at ASI, located in beautiful, downtown Trevose, PA. My job is to coordinate ASI magazines and catalogs. I basically annoy all the other departments into submission so the publications go out on time and in one piece – I’m a professional pest, if you will. I do have a claim to ASI fame, however: I once escorted a certain lovable exclamation point named “Promo” around the trade show floor at ASI New York. So I’m a pretty big deal. And, did I mention that Michele Bell is my mentor? Actually, more like my hero.

So why am I writing this blog post? Because Michele said so. And, since you’re reading her blog, I’m sure you know what that means: What Michele wants, Michele gets! While I’m sure this post will not hold a candle to what goes on in Michele’s twisted mind on a regular basis, why not cross another one off the good ol’ bucket list?! So here I will pay homage to September …

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” – the Staples back-to-school commercials say it all. And, while it’s referring to the time of the year when parents and school children flock to office-supply shops and buy up all the loose-leaf paper, I think it really rings true on a deeper level: September is perfection.

For starters, you have the beginning of regular-season NFL football (Fly Eagles Fly…), which is the greatest professional sport known to man. At the same time you’re gearing up for the only segment of the never-ending Major League Baseball season worth following. Fall premieres of everyone’s favorite TV shows reel in the testosterone levels between games. I’m especially pumped for the Vampire Diaries premiere on September 9.

The weather is becoming borderline acceptable, and aside from a few last-minute beach trips, the pressure to have the perfect beach bod has faded. Come to think of it, you’re the furthest away from needing to worry about being in beach shape. You scoop up another serving of pasta, you add another layer of clothing. September is forgiving like that.

On a selfish note, my birthday is in September (shout out to my fellow Virgos). I’m super-excited for the birthday celebration (I will be making my first trip to Chicago –fingers crossed for Oprah tickets) and the attention I’ll receive (I suffer from middle-child, Jan Brady syndrome to the max). Not so excited for the another-year-older part, though …

Last but certainly not least, September delivers a batch of particularly scintillating ASI magazines, and I’m in the position of power to have access to them all before they hit the streets. Because I love and must plug the magazines, here are some insider highlights from me to you:

  • First and foremost is my beloved Advantages magazine. The September issue features some of the “wackiest” promotions around. My favorite would have to be a timely politics/Sesame Street-inspired bobblehead giveaway at a minor-league baseball game. Weird, but effective.
  • September Counselor is the Best Places to Work issue. It offers an inside look at how some ad specialty companies are going above and beyond to keep their workplaces desirable and their employees happy. These workplace perks go well past flex hours and casual Fridays. One company throws creative holiday parties for its employees; a recent get-together involved the entire company acting out an elaborate murder-mystery plot. Another company keeps the work environment fun by designating a birthday party committee, responsible for planning quarterly all-company birthday celebrations. And then there are companies that keep their employees well-fed. That always does the trick.
  • September/October Stitches features a super-glam photo shoot of some inspired looks in women’s wear created by design vets and students. Spoiler alert: A Tim Gunn-worthy dress made of egg cartons is showcased. Also, heads up for the amazing view of the Philadelphia skyline in one of the pictures.

So live it up while it lasts. We have 30 days of bliss until October comes around. And as we all know, October is just creepy and cold.

Until next time, peace, love and magazines …



  1. Joe Says:

    Great job Jess, even though I think your older sister Marica is da bomb.

    Wednesday September 1, 2010
  2. Kathy Huston Says:

    This is great, Jess! I especially like how you wrote, “My beloved Advantages.”

    Wednesday September 1, 2010
  3. Carol Albright Says:

    Jessica, the HR team is so proud of you.

    Wednesday September 1, 2010
  4. Anton Says:

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    Monday September 24, 2012

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