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Counselor Senior Editor Michele Bell's slanted view of the world.

Counselor “Hot Lister” Jill Albers, account executive at WorkflowOne, guest blogs from ASI Chicago!

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(Read on for a report on the fun side and wild times of the ASI Chicago Show, from Jilly Albers, account executive for Counselor Top 40 distributor WorkflowOne and a member of this year’s Counselor Hot List, who’s filling in for her partner in sugar, spice and all things vice, ASI Editor Michele Bell.)

If there was one adjective that could best describe ASI Chicago this year it would be “hot.” Hot products, hot people, hot “literally.” I believe ASI’s Ron Ball described it best as we stood in a cab line Wednesday evening: “Jilly, this has to be the freakin’ hottest day of the year,” he said. With highs getting up into the 90s, the pavement steam rose as the 40-minute-long cab line snaked around the hotel entrance.

The heat did not stay outside … it was radiating through the show floor, as well. The aisles were packed and distributors and suppliers alike had an infectiously energy about them. Matty Tomb of Promo Fish had a hot new product line on the show floor. These thermo products are perfect for the health-care, food and energy industries. The products help to monitor temperature, improve quality and save costs.

 Matty Tomb of Promo Fish  

Following the show Wednesday I caught up with other WorkflowOne colleagues and former Visions Awards colleagues.

 Mike Krauser, WorkflowOne Jay Donlin, Newton Manufacturing; Roy (Bubba) Pleiman, Visions Awards; Travis Pedroza, formerly Visions Awards/Awardcraft
Jill Albers (me) and Mike Riddle, WorkflowOne

The heat followed me Wednesday evening. I had the pleasure of dining at “WE” in the W Hotel. I was ready for what Josh Goodelman of Liquimark and I call “Uncle Ron’s Legendary Dinners.” It started as I sat sipping a French martini at the hotel bar. The swanky lounge lamps and scantily clad hostesses set the scene for what was to be a “hot” dinner with some of the industry’s best. I was seated by Fran Ford of J Charles, Lori Bauer and Quinten Wentworth of Norwood/Bic Graphic, and Damien Want of Logomark. The conversation turned to old industry stories and memories from shows of the past. Ron Ball had a few great stories… with the combination of his 34-year industry tenor and Fran’s paparazzi-like knowledge of the who’s who… we were introduced to the way “things used to be.” The energy and passion for the industry was prevalent as we dined. I looked around and noticed three people at this table were on my Holiday Card List. Was this an industry dinner or a room of old friends that I was blessed to get to spend time with?

 Ron Ball, ASI; Melissa Cantor, Poly-Pak Nadine, Promo Biz USA; Mark Hobbs, PSG; Josh Goodelman, Liquimark

As 10 p.m. approached it seems as if we had just been seated. We walked up the grand marble staircase to ASI’s 3rd annual “HOT Party.” The music pumped and glow-in-the-dark necklaces were worn by most. As the night went into full tilt I caught up with old friends and finished the night off at Shenanigan’s (as usual). It was a hot week packed full of hot products and hot people. Now it’s back to Ohio, to set the “hot” ideas I found this week into action with my clients.

Joe Haley (left), ASI managing editor and star of The Joe Show, hugs it out with his man-date, Andy Cohen, editor of Counselor. Jakey Krolick (left) and Colin Graf, two of ASI’s marketing experts extraordinnaire, are as wicked smart as they are wildly fun!


  1. Josh Goodelman Says:

    What a great blog! This is just a sneak preview of how awesome our industry is!

    Friday July 16, 2010
  2. Rena Ashfeld Says:

    Fun blog Jill – congrats on Hot List!

    Monday July 19, 2010
  3. jill albers Says:

    Thanks, I had so much fun with this… Just wish Michele could have been along for the ride!

    Monday July 19, 2010
  4. Sharon Biernat Says:

    Great seeing you Jill. I missed the “Bell”!!!!!!

    Tuesday July 20, 2010
  5. jill albers Says:

    Sharon, it was so good to see you, too! but you are right, it was not the same without Michele…

    Thursday July 22, 2010
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