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Of Webs, Vampires & Sweda…

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Happy Friday!

First, thanks to everyone who logged on to hear the Webinar I moderated yesterday, which featured some industry leaders who will be speaking at ASI’s upcoming third annual Power Summit in Carlsbad, CA. [For more information on the Power Summit, click here]. David Nicholson, president of Counselor Top 40 supplier Polyconcept North America, Vera Muzzillo, co-CEO of Counselor Top 40 distributor Proforma and Memo Kahan, owner of Counselor Top 40 distributor PromoShop discussed such timely issues as sales and marketing strategies to employ in a sluggish economy, pricing predictions for 2010, whether print or online supplier catalogs are the most effective, fertile markets for ad specialty sales, how the new CPSIA regulations will affect the industry and smart ways to utilize online social media. To listen to the free Webinar in its entirety, click here and then click the link at the top for “Power Summit Preview.”

Speaking of social media, have you seen how my pals at Counselor Top 40 supplier Sweda are using it masterfully to tout their guaranteed 24-hour service? They’ve posted videos on YouTube that are freaking hilarious. You can tell that Scott Pearson, Sweda’s vice president of merchandising — and the man I affectionately call “Giggles” due to his infectious laugh — and Jim Hagan, the company’s oh-so-charming and self-deprecating president, are having a blast doing these videos. And yes, they are funny, but they’re also getting attention and pushing Sweda’s marketing message out to the industry by using a very cool medium that requires only a bit of time and creativity. Talk about off-the-charts ROI. They are smart cookies, my Sweda BFFs.

Click on these links to see their three-video series.

“Twenty-four Touches for Sweda’s 24-Hour Service”:

“Twenty-four Shots for Sweda’s 24-Hour Service”:

“Daredevil Jump Over 24 ‘People’ for Sweda’s 24-Hour Service”:

Have an awesome weekend, and more next week!


— M

PS: If you’re a fan of HBO’s True Blood like I am, how excited are you for Sunday’s finale to a season that — despite the show’s genre — definitely did not suck. My hopes for the last episode of ’09? That someone finally takes down Maryann, the Dionysian strumpet, hard; that Jason continues his Dawn of the Dead-inspired attacks in his uproariously hysterical fashion; and that we again get to see bad-boy vamp Eric, who is so freakin’ hot he makes me want to do “bad things,” sans his shirt. Can. Not. Wait.