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A “Hangover” that Didn’t Make Me Beg for Death…

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Happy Friday Everyone!!!

So just in time for the weekend, and because everyone needs a good, hearty laugh to counterbalance the dreary state of the economy, I am telling everyone I know to run — don’t walk — to see The Hangover.

My merry band of movie-going pals here at ASI went to see it last night and I will tell you that I haven’t howled that heartily at a movie since Old School. I thought Forgetting Sarah Marshall was funny; this is riotous in a body-convulsing fashion. At one point, I laughed so hard that my pal Pierre Schnog, a senior editorial desgner for ASI’s magazines, leaned over and asked — in a very concerned way — if I needed medical assistance. I believe he thought my lungs had collapsed because I was wheezing with laughter [click here to hear my turkey-call of a laugh that frightens young and old alike…]. To be sure, many hangovers I’ve experienced have made me weep and beg for a quick, painless death; this one made me cry with uproarious hilarity. 

In a nutshell, the movie is about four guys who take a road trip from Cali to Vegas for one last night of partying before one of them — “Doug” — gets married. You don’t get to see much of Doug once they arrive in Vegas because he goes missing, and the mayhem that follows is nothing short of Caligulan. [Click here to see a trailer of the movie].

Perhaps I loved the movie so much because some of my trips to Vegas for industry shows have been equally as legendary in their Dionysian debauchery (Shepenco’s Dan Townes, Express Pens’ Matt Linderman, Bravo Awards’ Brian Starke & Greg Livings, On Time Promotions’ Sharon Biernat, WorkflowOne’s Jill Albers and Red Heart Promotions’ Sharon Ross, I’m looking at you…; )). Really now, who hasn’t woken up on the floor of a room resembling the sack of Rome, newly tattooed, with a free-range chicken strutting through the place? Am I the only one???

As sublime as the movie was, my complaint still holds from the last few movies my pals and I have been to — where are the fun, cool and memorable ad specialty tie-ins? I’m telling you: If, for example, at showings of The Hangover, they gave out stuffed tigers, keychains with fake incisor “charms,” imprinted tighty-whiteys (all key plots points from the movie), shot glasses or disposable cameras (so movie-goers could snap evidence of their own extreme partying), the items would be coveted.

Mark my words, my friends: If the day ever comes when ASI’s president & CEO Tim Andrews finally shows me the door for being a PITA (Pain In The Ass), I’ll start my own movie promo business going to theaters owners and yapping incessantly to them about how — if they used ad specialties — they’d have legions of loyal patrons.

Cheers, and more next week!

— M 


  1. Cindy Jorgenson Says:

    Couldn’t agree more Michele! Loved that movie! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed to use my camera to fill in the blanks from the night before! And honestly….I can’t wait until I have to do it again. :)

    Monday June 15, 2009
  2. Michele Bell Says:

    I think you loved that movie — as I did, Cinful — because we have lived THROUGH parts of that movie!!! Watching “The Hangover” made me twitch to be back in Vegas!!! Love ya — M

    Monday June 15, 2009
  3. Tom Ngo Says:

    MB…I think the proper way to watch this movie is on a bus from nowhere heading to nowhere. Properly stocked with alcohol filled with dazed and confused suppliers.

    Tuesday July 7, 2009
  4. jill albers Says:

    Michele, I saw this over the holiday… and it does have our names written all over it. I promise I will never loose you in Vegas, though :)

    Monday December 28, 2009
  5. Michele Bell Says:

    Thanks, Jilly Dahlin’! And if I’m going to be trapped in a Vegas hotel room with live chickens and tigers, I’d assume you’d be right next to me. ; )

    Tuesday December 29, 2009

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