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BIC’s Dave Saracino Turns the Big 5-0

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Hi Everyone!

Some of my favorite industry characters recently clued me into the fact that Dave Saracino, director of sales for Counselor Top 40 supplier BIC, celebrated his 50th birthday. BFFs Chuck Fandos of Counselor Top 40 distributor Gateway/CDI and Kris Robinson of Counselor Top 40 distributor PromoShop sent me these photos from the rollicking festivities, held in conjunction with a Legacy Buying Group meeting in Las Vegas.

Details of the lost weekend in Sin City — like the boys’ behavior — are sketchy, but let’s just put it this way: I think the unofficial name for this group of fun friends should be “The Wrecking Crew.” ; )

Dave Saracino, director of sales for Counselor Top 40 supplier BIC Graphic, celebrates the momentous occasion of his 50th birthday on January 7th at the Lake Las Vegas golf course. In addition being a respected industry professional and a reportedly fabulous golfer, his partying prowess is legendary (which is why we love him!). Dave ranked #1 on Counselor Top 40 distributor iPROMOTEu’s inaugural “Fun 30” list (which first appeared in the May, 2008 issue of Counselor magazine) of the industry’s 30 most charismatic industry characters — deservedly so!
A group that plays as hard as it works, the Legacy Buying Group guys truly enjoy hanging out together, as is evidenced in this photo and the now-legendary stories from the rest of their evening in Vegas. (Party on, my little rock stars!) Of the 12 people in attendance for the group’s meeting, eight played golf at the celebrated Lake Las Vegas course. Here, from left to right, are Conrad Franey, a principal at Counselor Top 40 distributor Gateway/CDI; John Leahy of Baltimore, MD-based distributor Target Marketing; Chuck (or “Chuckles,” as we like to call him) Fandos, president of Gateway/CDI; Paul Lage, CEO of Counselor Top 40 supplier Norwood; Memo “the Patron Saint of Patrone” Kahan, owner of Counselor Top 40 distributor PromoShop; John Papa of Hartford, CT-based distributor John Michael & Assoc. (JMA); and industry celebutante Kris Robinson, vice president of PromoShop. The boys made Dave Saracino, who celebrated his 50th birthday on the trip, snap the photo.

“The Legacy Group is a group of six distributor companies totaling about $160 million in sales who formed a buying group in 2000,” says Gateway/CDI’s Fandos. “We share business strategies and lots of fun. Dave Saracino is an honorary member of the Legacy Group because he is, well … Dave.” Fandos also told us that after the group played golf at the stunning Lake Las Vegas golf course, they visited a variety of casinos and watering holes until the wee hours of the morning. “Dave kept the golf theme going by wearing his golf shoes all night.”

Post a comment below if you’d like to send Dave 50th birthday wishes!

Cheers and more next week!

— M