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Counselor Senior Editor Michele Bell's slanted view of the world.

All Luxed Up!

Filed under: Editorial, Fun, Personal

Hi Everyone!

Hope you’re having fun and getting ready for the last party of the summer! 

I recently received my September issue of Vogue, and — at a voluminous 798 pages (seriously) — it made my wrist throb as I read it for 20 minutes while sitting on the beach last weekend. It actually hurt to hold the magazine. I should point out that the fall issue is traditionally one of Vogue‘s biggest, but good Lord — the Editor’s Letter (a mainstay at the beginning of every magazine) doesn’t appear until page 312! The advertisers paying a small fortune to appear in the first 311 pages got me thinking. Yes, we’re in a down economy, but clearly there’s still a market for products that make us feel good. Maybe it’s because we’re stuck in such an economic maelstrom. I read an article in the “Money” section of USAToday last week that noted “sin” items — liquor, cigarettes, etc. (or, as I call them, “NECESSITIES”) always surge in a bad economy because people want an escape from dour news.

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