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And Now, a Word from the Lunatic Fringe…

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Happy Monday (an oxymoron if there ever was one…), Everyone!

Last week, I wrote a blog entitled “The Mouths that Roared,” regarding the debut of ASI Radio. The weekly half-hour live call-in talk radio show kicks off tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. (Eastern time) and will feature ASI’s five senior editors — Melinda Ligos, editor-in-chief; Kathy Huston, editor of Advantages; Andy Cohen, editor of Counselor; Joe Haley, managing editor and star of The Joe Show; and myself. To access the show, just go to the link www.asicentral.com/radio tomorrow morning. To call in, simply dial (215) 953-4979 or send me an e-mail, which will reach me as I’m on the air, due to the ever-present Crackberry glued to my hand. (My e-mail address is mbell@asicentral.com).

Of the issues we’ll be discussing tomorrow, the new, more restrictive code announced by the Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) last week will be the first hot topic. What this code says is that all non-educational items — such as pens, note pads, mugs and similar reminder items — should not be offered to healthcare professionals or members of their staff, even if they’re accompanied by patient or physician educational materials. This is due to take effect in January, 2009 and will clearly have widespread repercussions for the industry.  

We will also be discussing the results of a poll, posted on ASICentral, that asked industry professionals who they were more likely to vote for — Barack Obama or John McCain. I’ll leave you in suspense, but do call in to get Joe Haley’s back as he — the lone conservative Republican — squares off against the other four liberal Democrat editors.  

And for those of you I haven’t spoken with, yes, we will be working without a five-second delay, so what you hear will be live and uncensored. This fact — and the penchant Kathy Huston and I have for dropping the “f bomb” — has ASI’s president and CEO, Tim Andrews, wringing his hands, shaking his head and walking the halls here at ASI muttering “FCC fines” under his breath. And, did I mention that for our inaugural show, the five of us will be drinking morning cocktails? Let the games begin… ; )

Tune in tomorrow and cheers!

— Michele 


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