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Ball of Fire

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Hi Everyone —

Well, we celebrated Ron Ball’s 30-year-anniversary with the company in fine fashion last week at a local bar restaurant called the Black Bull — which is perfect for Ron because black’s his color and for those of us who know and love him, no one flings the bull like Mr. Ball. See below for photos from the evening, and some classic Ron moments…

On Sunday, I’m leaving for my first-ever Advantages Roadshow, this one going through the Midwest and stopping in Minneapolis, Des Moines, Omaha, Kansas City and St. Louis. The suppliers I’ll be traveling with like Key-Bak’s Tom Ngo and CFS Promotions for Now’s Mark Bruk are planning appropriately and swear to me that the bus we’ll all be riding in from town to town will be stocked with road sodas (translation: cocktails). As I will be blogging — with photos — daily, you’ll all be able to see the rapid deterioration from day one, when I’ll be relatively shiny, happy and perky, to the last day, when I’m predicting I will resemble this:

So, stay tuned & keep in touch next week as I make my way through the Midwest with my supplier pals on the Magic Bus. If you’re a distributor, come by one of the shows and say hi; if you’re a liquor store owner, stock up on the Grey Goose.

Ron Ball’s 30th Anniversary Soiree

Ron Ball and his wife Leslie at the party celebrating Ron’s 30th anniversary with ASI. Though it may be hard to believe, Leslie is a pistol of a character in her own right and the perfect person to keep Mr. Ball in line — a Herculean task if there ever was one.

Managing editor and star of The Joe Show, Joe Haley demonstrates an activity that many people who know me have wanted to engage in first-hand. He has also, on occasion, tried to duct-tape my big yap shut (usually when I’m on a nagging rant) and used a laser-pointer to zero in on the crow’s feet around my eyes to illustrate the perils of rock star-like partying for our younger staffers. He’s a charmer, that Mr. Haley.

From left: ASI Chairman of the Board Norman Cohn, President/CEO Tim Andrews, Ron Ball and ASI Vice Chairman Matthew Cohn offer a champagne toast in Ron’s honor.

Me and Ron, one of my two “work husbands” (because Lord knows one of anything is never enough in Michele World …), sharing a moment in which I know exactly — and am immensely amused by — what’s holding his gaze.

Ron and I sharing a celebratory kiss for his 30-year anniversary with the company, in a photo taken by Leslie, his wife. After the kiss, Ron and I immediately felt weak-kneed and realized we’d need antibiotics forthwith.

Ron with Tim Andrews, who’s never one to leave a party early. Ron pointed out that in the outfit he’s wearing, he looked like “a priest waiting to hear penance.” Which may, of course, be one of the most disturbing comments ever uttered.


  1. Jake Says:

    Yikes Bell – You on the road for a week thru the mid-west… watch out by the time you’re trip is done our country will have a whole new candidate to elect for pres…

    Thursday March 6, 2008
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