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Get Yer Za-Za Out

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Hey Y’all —

The first day of the ASI Dallas Show was a good one, with lots of happy, friendly Texans and some awesome new products. My favorite? Selco’s new “Hardcore” watch line (see photo), which is hip, edgy and totally cool.

After the show Christian Brandt, ASI’s executive director of catalog sales and my show “handler,” and I went out to dinner with Mark Hobbs from DeyRey Nuts and Nadine Panetti from PromoBiz at the sensationally swanky Hotel ZaZa (www.hotelzazadallas.com). It was just awesome and it is definitely the place where the beautiful people congregate. Mark and Nadine are two of the industry’s pretty people and as a couple, they look like celebs. We should just merge their names together and call them “Mardine” — like Bennifer and Brangelina. (See photos)

I didn’t make it to the Ultimate Texas Bash at Eddie Deen’s Ranch, but Joe Haley tells me that it was a blast and that quite a few industry cowboys and cowgirls rode a mechanical bull. He predicted that there would be more than one person waking up with a Texas-sized hangover this morning.

After the show today, Ron Ball, Rich Fairfield — publisher of ASI’s magazines and the poor soul who Ron and I both report to — (Rich often laughs and tells people that while he loves us, we’re “unmanageable”) are driving three hours to Austin, TX, to meet with one of Rich’s favorite people in the industry, Herbie Piller, the owner of GroLine.

Being in a car with Ron and Rich for three hours is an experience… Rich has no sense of direction and a tendency to veer off onto the shoulder of the road because he has the attention span of a gnat; Ron at the wheel is a delight because he’s obsessed with his GPS device and plays with it constantly while driving. When the sexy woman’s voice instructs him with directions like “make a left in 2.5 miles” he launches into profanity laced tirades. Consequently, whichever one of them ends up driving, I will be in the back seat curled up in the crash position.More next week!Cheers!!!


  1. Jack Bigg Says:

    You are one crazy lady but I love ya! M

    Tuesday February 12, 2008
  2. Caroline McCullough Says:

    Hello Michele its caroline in tenneessee well just thought I’d say hello and make sure you take care of my mom :) ….I love you a lot ..great Blog …..

    Thursday February 14, 2008

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