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Michele Does Dallas!

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Hey Y’all from Dallas, Texas on the first day of the ASI Show!

I’ve been here since Tuesday, and spent that night catching up with the one and only Dan Townes, at the Palm. We have dinner there every year and we’ve become friendly with the general manager, Randy Hill, who is just the coolest guys and tolerates (and in fact often encourages) our bad behavior (because, when Dan and I are involved, there will be “incidents,” such as the one year when Dan hurled a pork chop two tables away to say hello to our friend Jay Donlin, the vice president of Visions/Awardcraft…).

Dan and I toured quite a few bars in Dallas and I woke up yesterday morning wearing Mardi Gras beads… Where, exactly, I got the beads is a little hazy… Needless to say, I wasn’t looking my best — despite my spackled-on make-up — when I hit the show floor yesterday for Education Day. Joe Haley, my editorial colleague who does the hilarious “Joe Show” (see him on ASICentral and on YouTube at youtube.com/joeasitv), a wacky cavalcade of new products that strike Joe’s fancy, took one look at me yesterday and referred to me as “a rock star who’s not aging well.”

I went to Lisa Leitch’s education session, in which she led the 60+ distributors in attendance through brainstorming exercises and challenged them to come up with a variety of promotions for hypothetical marketing challenges, such as helping Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign. Each table of distributors were given the same 10 new promotional products around which to craft a promotion.

It was awesome to watch how their creativity kicked in while brainstorming, and of the 10 products, they went nuts over the pen manufactured with recycled material, the pencil made from recycled newspaper (in Shepenco’s line) and the pocket-sized lint removers from HBC Originals.

Last night, I went to dinner (back at The Palm, because I am nothing if not a creature of habit!) with Tom Ngo and Barbie Brandon from Key-Bak. From there, we headed back to the Adam’s Mark (which is in desperate need of a make-over and a good hosing down with a disinfectant spray, much like me…) where I hung out with my pals Lisa Horn, the editor of PPB and Matt Barnes, the publisher of Promo MarketingMagazine. Tim Andrews, ASI’s CEO/president was cocktailing with us — click here for photos!

More tomorrow from the show floor and from the Hotel ZaZa tonight, where Christian Brandt — my pal and handler — will be dining with Mark Hobbs from Dey-Rey Nuts and Nadine Pannetti from PromoBiz!

— Michele 


  1. Jon Swenson Says:

    What shows are happening in March, April and May in MN,WI,IA,IL,MI?

    Monday March 3, 2008
  2. Michele Bell Says:

    Hi Jon —

    The Advantages Roadshow, starting this coming Monday in MN… pray for the poor people of the Midwest… ; )

    Tuesday March 4, 2008

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