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Interview with Craig Morantz

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Craig Morantz, vice president of Polyconcept North America and the person at the helm of Leed’s Canada, with the six Image awards the company collected last night from PPACanada, including “Supplier of the Year” which the company has won for the last three years. Never at a loss for words or one to shy away from the limelight, Craig hosted a Polyconcept party last night and worked the room like Hugh Hefner at the Playboy mansion.

Interview with Mark Bruk

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Mark Bruk, vice president of business development for CFS Promotions For Now, and I chatted at the ASI Canada reception last night regarding his take on the first day of the PPACanada Show. Mark convinced me that I should join him and the other suppliers for a week on the Advantages traveling road show and blog from each different city. He assures me that the stories would be priceless.